Messages that travel the world need to target their audiences locally in order to work globally. This is especially true for marketing, advertising and editorial copy. My approach to producing strong copy is to first listen closely. Because only by really understanding all the details and nuances of the source message—its author, target audience, intention, style and tone—will it be possible to create an equally strong communication in the target language. Get in touch and and I’ll gladly tell you more about how I can transcreate your text.



Whether advertising or editorial, online or offline – strong copy follows specific rules. It targets special audiences,  adheres to specific style and media conventions and communicates in a brand's distinct tone and voice. By defining the intention, target group and channels of your planned communication, I will identify weak spots and optimise your original or translated copy accordingly.



The first and most important part of writing for a specific audience is to really know and understand who you're addressing. That’s true for both copywriting and transcreation. And, in fact, for any kind of communication. To find out whether a certain product name, campaign or message will work for your specific target culture, it will be crucial to see the world through your audience's eyes and answer a few questions first. If you're planning to rollout or communicate in Germany or Austria, I will be happy to provide you with the relevant cultural insights.



For audiovisual media, the quality of transcreated copy depends on more than good copywriting. To get the message across convincingly and with the right tone and intonation, voice actors require professional instructions. I have worked with studios and talent for both German and Austrian productions and have experience in remote voice over direction for audio and audiovisual media. I’ll happily support your production team on site or from afar.